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Would you like your teeth professionally cleaned?

SmileZone @ Stratford Dental

Visit our SmileZone where our team of highly qualified hygienists and therapists will be happy to provide a range of cleaning treatments as part of your regular dental care.

Hygienists are a crucial part of the dental team. Most dental problems are caused by oral hygiene issues so the hygienist works hard to help patients prevent dental problems from occuring.

Hygienists dont just "scale and polish" teeth, they do so much more. From oral hygiene instruction, to fissure sealants to protect back teeth from decay, to more advanced treatment under local anaesthetic for Periodontal Disease, a leading cause of tooth loss.

They monitor gum diseases and can refer to a specialist gum surgeon if its required

They can employ different techniques to polish the teeth removing unslightly stains

They are often crucial in the fight against Oral Cancer, highly trained to detect suspicious changes in the mouth and to suggest / help with lifestyle changes to try to prevent oral cancer from ever appearing.

They work very closely with the dentists and specialists to ensure that any work they do for you can last as long as possible

Terms and Conditions

"Direct access" to the hygienist without seeing the dentist first is not offered at Stratford Dental. Due to current dental regulation, we feel we can't offer the high level of treatment and service our patients deserve therefore,our hygienists work from a detailed prescription from our dentists to ensure the best level of care possible.