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Stratford Dental Fees

The items below are intended as a guide to our fees. They are current as of January 2018. A written estimate of the cost of treatment is supplied in advance and fees are discussed with you to ensure your complete understanding and satisfaction.

We accept cash, cheque with a guarantee card and all major credit and debit cards.

New patient consultation
Routine examination
from £14.00
Hygienist appointments
from £50.00
Tooth coloured fillings
from £65.00
Root canal treatment
from £370.00
from £95.00
from £475.00
Cerec restorations
Crowns and Veneers
from £525.00
Tooth whitening
from £295.00
Dental Implants
from £2500.00
Invisible braces
from £1500.00

This guide is intended to give you an idea of the level of fees charged. Each person and case are different and the fees charged may vary from this guide due to factors such as complexity of the case, or difficulty of treatment and time taken. Your dentist will be pleased to give you an estimate of your treatment costs.