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Denplan Care

Denplan Care is a care contract that allows your treating dentist to provide an ongoing preventive dental care treatment programme. It also includes Supplementary Insurance

Denplan Care offers you:

  • Regular dental appointments to provide:
    • Clinical examination
    • X-rays where clinically necessary
    • Checking for signs of oral cancer
    • necessary fillings
    • hygiene treatment (including scale and polishes)
    • preventive dental advice and therapy
    • any necessary extractions
    • root canal treatment
    • crowns, bridges inlays and dentures (excluding laboratory fees)
    • world wide emergency cover
  • Denplan Care does not include:
    • laboratory fees/prescriptions
    • Cerec restorations (a discount is given)
    • any treatment not specified by the dentist in your contract
    • referral to a specialist and specialist treatment
    • treatment carried out anywhere other than at your registered dentist except when covered under your Supplementary Insurance
    • orthodontics, implants, cosmetic treatment
    • sedation fees


From £21.00 to £45.00 per month depending on the Denplan assessment of your oral health and treatment needs.

Children's plans are available from £6.00 per month.

Discounts available for family plans.

Dental Implant Upgrade Cover

Dental Implant Upgrade Cover can be added to your Supplementary Insurance for only £2.25 per person per month.

This includes:

  • up to £2100 per implant to replace a tooth lost as a result of dental injury or dental accident, and where clinically required for your dental health
  • Maximum cover of £20,000 per incident
  • Terms and Conditions apply